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New Pathways Beckon in Season of Passage


The dusk settles in across Isle of Dawn, and the glow of a fire beckons you to tread forward—The Season of Passage arrives soon!

From 00:00 April 17th to 23:59 June 25th (all times PDT, UTC -7), venture into the twilight and meet four young Spirits in Isle of Dawn. Experience their memories as each one learned to navigate the route towards their community, and along the way gather Seasonal Candles to upgrade expressions and unlock a range of items, including outfits, capes, hairstyles, and an instrument. The Season Guide meanwhile offers masks in exchange for regular Candles, and two Ultimate Gifts for Season Pass holders who bring them Seasonal Hearts.

Uncovering Paths Together

In Season of Passage, uncover ancient traditions from a new corner of Sky. Follow the path of a community that once made its way through the realms. Take part in the Seasonal Quests, each one a rite that challenges initiates to build towards a goal without anyone being left behind. These quests begin after sundown, each in a different part of Sky.

All quests can be completed independently, but from the second quest onwards the rites are held with larger groups of Sky kids, each person’s effort contributing to the greater goal (and earning a bit of extra Light along the way, besides). These larger group quests begin at set intervals, several times per hour, to allow initiates to participate together. Head to the location where those quests begin and gather with your group during the countdown to the starting time.

A Peek at the Season

We love digging into the creation of a new Season, but there are a few things in particular that we’re excited to share with players. First, there are the Seasonal Quests that bring players to areas of different realms at night. Creating the art for shadows, moonlight, and deep evening colors made familiar places unfamiliar again, so we hope it adds a new dimension to explore!

Some of our own experiences also came to mind as we brainstormed the Season’s stories. We won’t name names, but more than one of us might have accidentally rolled into trouble when we only meant to goof around. And we figured it would only be appropriate for these younger Spirits to share with Sky children the kind of games they used to play, so we tried to imagine what games in this corner of Sky might have looked like.

An IRL game that some of us at TGC have played for a while is hacky sack, and so naturally we wondered if these playful Spirits would have tried something like it, too. As we did more research, we saw that games to kick and bat around balls, pouches, pieces of wood, even dried tree fruits and shuttlecocks made of corn husks or feathers have arisen around the world over countless centuries, in every hemisphere, so it seemed likely that the people in Sky would have devised a similar style of footbag game too. (We’d like to think we’re the first ones who created a version played with light, though.)

A New Season Awaits

Seasonal content can be enjoyed by all players. Players with a Season Pass ($9.99, all prices USD) have the opportunity to unlock all items in Seasonal Spirits’ Friendship Trees and the Ultimate Gifts offered by the Season Guide. The three-pack Gift Pack bundle ($19.99) comes with two gift passes to give to friends in the game.

Passes become available for purchase when the Season begins on April 17th, 2023, and all players with a Pass receive 30 bonus Season Candles. Season of Passage continues until 23:59 June 25th, 2023.

Travails with old friends, exploring with new ones, forging fellowship while learning traditions of the past—we’re excited to bring a new angle of Sky’s story and share an unseen part of its world. Starting on April 17th, we’ll see you in the skies!

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