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Letters from Sky Player Support: Co-creating Wonderful Experiences Together


Hello from the Player Support team! We know that a lot of players care about what Sky does to inspire a fair and welcoming environment. That environment is created partly through the game design itself, but in this post some of us from Player Support unveil our newly updated Code of Conduct and share how each of us can contribute towards a safer and more positive Sky community.

Community Empowerment

Promoting player safety and building community trust begins with empowering our players. In Sky, we want to ensure that everyone feels equipped to control their play experiences and has the means to lead wonderful adventures in Sky.

A critical part of this is providing guidelines on what positive play looks like in Sky—in other words, what are the spirit and behaviors we all hope to embody while engaging with each other?

To provide this vision and create more clarity, we present our updated Code of Conduct. Our goal is for the Code of Conduct to be a guiding light for everyone in the Sky community to strive towards, no matter who we are or where we come from.

We humbly call on the whole Sky community to use this Code of Conduct as a guiding light, and take these three core principles of humanity, compassion, and wonder to heart:

Sky aspires to create a safe place where players from around the world can forge new friendships and share uplifting experiences together, on unforgettable and heartwarming adventures. Each of us are crucial to achieving and fostering this vision.

We humbly ask every member of the Sky community to honor these three principles when playing Sky, and when participating in our online communities and offline events.

Every moment in Sky is meant to be better when shared, from the smallest kind gesture to developing life-long friendships. So bring your friends and family, and welcome those who are alone. Appreciate the humanity and individuality of others, respect one another’s boundaries, and celebrate our differences.

Come together to build something beautiful and take delight in participating in something larger than ourselves. Offer help whenever you can, be good to one another, and never let your words or actions be at the expense of others.

Sky is a wondrous world full of tales of adventure and mystery, and each and every one of us plays an important role in unfolding these spectacular stories together. Help keep Sky a wholesome and safe place for all, so that family and friends from all walks of life can join in and experience the joy of innocent wonder together.

Thank you for joining us and helping us build an amazing world together. Side by side. Hand in hand.

In addition to having the Code of Conduct, we also want to ensure all Sky players are aware of the tools and features available at their disposal to tailor their play experiences.

This includes options to contact us at Player Support, navigate in-game chat functions, as well as options to block or report others if it becomes necessary. We have a number of articles on our FAQ page that explain them, such as:

We continue to work on ways to improve and expand these tools and features, and community feedback remains (as always!) a vital part of this.

Community Voice as Our Guide

As always, we remain open and eager to hear your thoughts and suggestions on what changes you would like to see to improve your Sky experience.

Community feedback is a central, critical pillar that guides us in all our efforts. Every new feature suggestion, feedback message on chat filters, general complaint or criticism, and your player reports all help us to improve Sky and collaborate to build a world we can all enjoy together.

We sincerely appreciate each and every one of you for sharing your time with us here in the world of Sky. Please look out for another letter from the Sky Player Support team coming soon on the work we’ve been doing to safeguard fair play and community safety! Until then, we’ll see you in the skies.

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