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Beauty & Transformations in Days of Bloom 2023


Days of Bloom is on its way to Sky. During three weeks of the event, take in the beauty that will blossom in the realms—and even become part of that beauty with new updates for 2023!

This year’s event is expanded from two weeks to three, from 00:00 on March 20th and until 23:59 April 9th (all times PDT, UTC -7). Spirits from the Season of Lightseekers return to the realms to take in (and maybe give a bit of a boost to) the renewal that awaits.

The heart of this year’s event is the Forgotten Ark area of Golden Wasteland. Join the Lightseekers Spirits lending their magic to a transformation of arid desert hillsides. Across four phases, life will emerge from the sands and grow into a lush, vibrant meadow full of life:

  • For several days in the first phase, rain clouds will roll through and a Lightseekers Spirit will cast spells to help new sprouts emerge.

  • Grasses grow taller in phase two, and a trail of petals appears on the wind for players to glide upon.

  • For phase three, from March 27th through April 6th, buds emerge across the field and then blossom into full bloom, turning the desert into an oasis. The trail of petals will emit Light to collect every couple hours.

    • During this phase, players have the chance to join a large group of Sky children, using a feature that players who were part of the AURORA Concert may remember. Meditate at a shrine near the Lightseekers Spirits to join hundreds, even thousands of other players gathered in the Forgotten Ark.

    • Every couple hours players who meditate at this shrine will be transformed themselves—into the butterflies that create this great gathering of Light Creatures (plus, some Light is available only while in butterfly form).

  • Finally in the last few days, in phase four the flowers reach the end of their bloom and eventually fade out, as the meadow bids farewell to the event.

Although the biggest spectacle will be in Forgotten Ark, two familiar trees will emerge elsewhere, one in Home and the other in the Hidden Forest social space. Float and relax among pink and lavender petals as they gradually bud and come into full bloom. Those petals will eventually fall, and the blossoming of these trees will end within the first two weeks of the event, but they will share Light with players who gather to see them before those blossoms fade entirely.

There are plenty of memories to make with fellow Sky children (and butterflies), but players interested in a wearable memory of this year’s Days of Bloom can choose from several different items available for purchase or for in-game currency.

Talk to the Bloom Guide in Forgotten Ark to unlock these:

  • Bloom Butterfly Fountain: 80 Candles

    • When placed close to butterflies, it might attract one or two for a short visit!

  • Red Bloom Cape: 110 Candles

New Bloom IAP to choose from can be found in the in-game shop:

  • Bloom Gardening Tunic: $9.99 (all prices USD)

  • Bloom Picnic Basket: $19.99

    • This functions as a chat table and comes with a Gift Season Pass to give to friends. Like the fountain, depending on where you place it, it just might attract a fluttering visitor or two.

Items from the previous two years of Days of Bloom will be available as well, for players who prefer one or two of those items as well. For a list of those, whether a tea set or a colorful cape, check out our patch notes for the 0.20.5 update.

As always, free spell versions of all new and returning Days of Bloom items are available in Home and in the Spell Shop in the Forgotten Ark so that all players have a chance to enjoy them. Days of Bloom is available to all players who have progressed to at least Golden Wasteland.

From the grand transformation of desert sands into a living kaleidoscope, to tranquil branches and fluttering Light, Days of Bloom is a chance to appreciate the return of life and beauty of change. We can’t wait to see you in the colorful, vibrant skies!

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