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Updates to Shared Spaces and Returning Spirits


We often receive questions from players about how we develop seasons in Sky. We’ve said it in the past, but for those who may have missed it, we generally like to pick out one or two ideas to focus on, and then really dig into those in order to create meaningful additions to the world. Today we wanted to share a bit more about some updates that are in our 0.20.5 patch.

Shared Spaces Updates

For Season of Remembrance, we had a very specific story that we wanted to tell, a story that’s directly connected to what players experienced in Season of AURORA. When considering the themes that we wanted to explore, we felt that Shared Spaces would be a great medium to use for it. Shared Spaces is something we released in Season of Assembly back in 2021, and we were excited to not only give it some time in the spotlight through Seasonal quests, but also give it some love in the form of updates.

You can read a full list of what’s changed in our patch notes for 0.20.5, but broadly, we wanted to focus on three main ideas: making Shared Spaces more accessible, easier to understand and participate in, and to give players more ability to be expressive within their Shared Spaces. To achieve this, we thought it was important to not only increase the cap on props that can be placed, but also ensure players have more props to choose from.

While we were considering that last point, we were also thinking about how players interact with Spirits from past Seasons. The Traveling Spirits feature was released quite a while ago, when there were only four seasons in total, and a lot fewer Spirits. We like what Traveling Spirits have added to the game, and the festivity players create around individual Spirits returning, but we also recognize the strong desire for them to return more often.

Returning Spirits

Going forward, we want to make it more likely that you’ll run into the Spirits you’re looking for, and also reduce the stress that can sometimes be associated with their appearance in the world—specifically that feeling that you have to obtain all of their unique collectibles right then, or else you’ll miss out on the chance.

We don’t have a complete solution just yet, but we’re going to try some different things over the course of the year. The first of these will be a visit by a small group of Spirits from March 6th through March 19th. During that period of 14 days, four Spirits from Season of Assembly will offer you the opportunity to build relationships with them, and to pick up a few keepsakes that you may have been waiting for.

Given that Shared Spaces is a focus of Season of Remembrance, we felt it was fitting to bring back Spirits from Season of Assembly since they have a number of props that fit the feature well. They’ll be hanging out at the end of Hidden Forest past the temple at the end of the level. The ever helpful Season of Assembly Guide will be standing by in Home, eager to ferry players to their waiting Spirit friends (not to mention, they’ll offer a free Shared Spaces spell for Sky children to try out, too).

Once these Spirits arrive, from March 6th through March 19th we’ll be holding a Double Treasure Candle event, which doubles the number of available Treasure Candles in specific realms. We’ll also have our standard Double Seasonal Light event from March 6th through 12th, the first week that this group of Spirits is visiting.

Please note that this new inclusion will not replace Traveling Spirits. In fact, these four Spirits' arrival will overlap with the usual Traveling Spirit visitors who will be stopping by Home around the same time.

We’re excited to see how players feel about the updates to Shared Spaces, and about increased visitation from Seasonal Spirits. Share your feedback and posts with us on social media with #thatskygame, or in the feedback channels on our Discord server as well. See you in the skies!

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